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About The Work Shop

The Work Shop began operations in December 2013, as the outcome of a comprehensive community engagement program conducted by The Hornery Institute (one of the foundation funding partners along with Lendlease and Sunshine Coast Council) for the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital Project.

Operating until August 31 2015, The Work Shop was the construction employment and skills hub for the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital Project. This free service enabled on-site contractors to register their vacancies and jobseekers to register their interest, ultimately leading to employment for locals.

The results are impressive with 807 jobs in 20 months. 82% of placements were local residents and 19% were previously unemployed people.

The Hornery Institute is investigating future project opportunities for The Work Shop model. In the short term, The Work Shop will relocate to Yarrabilba, a Lendlease community in Logan, south of Brisbane, to operate in a modified format as a community facility for job matching, training coordination, essential community services and small or home-based business support.

The Hornery Institute welcomes enquiries regarding workforce development initiatives including The Work Shop and other potential projects. For further information and contact details please go to www.myworkshop.net.au/contact.

For more information or to discuss similar workforce development initiatives, please contact us on 0438 638 725. 

Our mission

To provide strategically planned and tailored workforce development solutions and specifically designed employment and training initiatives by engaging with employers, jobseekers, education, training or employment service providers, community organisations and governments of all levels.

Our promise

The Hornery Institute, in partnership with industry, community and service providers, will research, plan and deliver creative workforce development strategies designed to maximise local job opportunities and skills investment during specific major projects or opportunities. 

Foundation Partners


At Lendlease, we work with communities, clients and our colleagues to create positive legacies from funding a project right through to construction and development.

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Sunshine Coast Council

The Sunshine Coast Council's vision is for the Sunshine Coast to become Australia's most sustainable region—vibrant, green, diverse.

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The Hornery Institute

The Hornery Institute (THI) is an independent not for profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of communities. The Institute's charter is to help make communities better places to live, learn, work and play.

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Our Team

  • Colleen Lucas

    Colleen Lucas

    Operations Manager

    After 15 years in news media management, Colleen has broad experience of operations, human resources and stakeholder engagement. Other ventures include small business ownership/management including retail stores and a recruitment company which sourced international candidates for skilled labour shortages in the energy and resource sectors. Colleen also gained valuable insights into the attainment and transitions of students through schooling into structured workplace learning, training and tertiary education towards employment, initially as a volunteer mentor and then as a partnership broker over 6 years. Her role involved facilitating partnerships and developing initiatives by aligning business, industry, government, community and educational organisations.

  • Andrew Grimshaw

    National Workforce Development Manager - The Hornery Institute

    Andrew Grimshaw, National Workforce Development Manager - The Hornery Institute Andrew takes the principal role in The Hornery Institute’s workforce development and planning project determination and delivery.

    Professional experience

    • Strategic business planning

    • Negotiation and resolution

    • Vocational Educational and Training program design

    • Stakeholder engagement and management

    • Economic development

    • Concept and brief development

    • Social enterprise creation

    • Organisational development

    • Corporate strategy and policy development

    • Evaluation

    Prior to joining The Hornery Institute in 2005, Andrew worked in the vocational education and training sector for 17 years. He was responsible for strategic business development and project delivery of learning and skills programs across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors and delivery contexts. Andrew was formerly Commercial Operations Manager for a large Further Education College in the UK with responsibility for the development and delivery of The Learning Shop, Bluewater a unique education, training and job brokerage initiative at the heart of Europe’s largest retail development.

    Andrew has served as a Management Committee Member for Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay Region since 2012.

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